Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Essential Oils: the Most Natural Way to Relieve Stress and Relax Your Mind

Mother’s Day is almost here, every mom deserves to feel pampered and less stressed on her special day. Using essential oils is a great way to naturally relax, there are many ways you can use essential oils.  I, of course, prefer to use them in my lotions, but you can also enjoy them in the bath, put them in a foot bath, salt scrubs, on your pillow, on a light bulb, in a diffuser, in homemade soaps, and massage oils.
Here is a fantastic and educational article I found on managing stress and relaxation with aromatherapy:http://victoria-anisman-reiner.suite101.com/stress-management-relaxation-with-aromatherapy-a171853

Also: if you are interested in buying your own essential oils, first read this article about How to Identify the Best Aromatherapy Oils and Avoid Toxic Imitators.

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