Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Blog - Simple, Proven Way to De-Stress

(And now for a little male perspective on this blog!)
When Laura started Laura's Lotions last year, you could not get me to use hand and body lotion if you paid me, and yet now I am addicted to her lavender lotion.  
What happened?
One evening (after some prodding) I tried the lavender lotion on my hands.  A couple of minutes later, the lotion was completely absorbed and my hands felt great.
Then I noticed that the frustrations from my typical insanely stressful day were slipping away.
I now know it was the relaxing effect of the natural oils and the fragrance.
But don't take my word for it.  As a former math major, I like facts. And you can find plenty of facts supporting the effects of all the fragrances Laura uses - for example, here is a University of Miami School of Medicine study showing the relaxing effects of lavender:
And as for the relaxing effect of the natural oils, you will just have to do that experiment yourself!

Jordan Goldman
Laura's Lotions

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