Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top 5 Uses For Aloe

When I started Laura’s Lotions last year, I began by researching and experimenting with the natural products I wanted to put into my lotions. I bought an aloe plant and I started putting aloe into my lotions, I read about aloe being able to heal cuts and burns so, I used it for those purposes as well. I learned that you can even rub aloe through your scalp to receive a shiny and healthy look to your hair. I always knew that aloe was used for healing the skin and that Cleopatra used aloe to keep her skin looking youthful, however I recently discovered that aloe can be used to help internally as well. Aloe Vera juice can be used to help aid digestion, relieve ulcers, arthritis and even rheumatism. Who knew that this one amazing plant could harvest so many health benefits for the human body. I will definitely be using aloe for years to come and hopefully you will too.
I use aloe in my sensitive skin care line. Sensitive Touch and Baby Balm are infused with this incredible medicinal plant.
Here is a link to a wonderful article which, discusses the many benefits of aloe vera:
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